Our 28th EXCO


Pin Zhang


Pinzhang is passionate about the startup scene and the value it can bring for an individual. He strongly believes that everyone is born an entrepreneur, and age should never be a limiting factor. An innovator at heart, he loves to tinker around with different ideas and creates new products. Pinzhang is currently studying in Industrial and Systems Engineering.


“If you never try, you’ll never know.” is something Zatalyn lives by.To be adventurous and fearless to explore new things is Zatalyn's way of making her life exciting. Achieving a sense of fulfilment is what makes her life worth living. Zatalyn is majoring in Life Sciences.

Communications Secretary

Adriel is passionate about volunteering and making the world a better place.
He is also a logistics geek who enjoys taking on challenging tasks. Adriel majors in Communications & New Media at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Finance and Operations Secretary

Sujin aspires to become a figure that can inspire and empower women to be the best version of themselves. On top of being a full time undergraduate, she is also pursuing her side jobs as a Korean - English translator and commercial model. During her stint leading the Core division division, she hopes to meet many inspiring entrepreneurs and help them form meaningful connections with each other. 


Vice President, Core Division

JJ resume photo.jpg
Jin Jie has always been passionate about technology and design. On top of his entrepreneurial ventures, he serves as a digital consultant for various SMEs. With his varied experiences in Business Development, Jin Jie leads the Startup Development Division to create opportunities for NUS entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem. Jin Jie is pursuing his Bachelors of Business Administration (Business Analytics).

jin Jie

Vice President, Startup Development Division

Jing An is an ambitious individual who aspires to make an impact instead of merely making a living. With a strong passion for entrepreneurship ever since the Year 2 Business Administration student started his own watch brand at the age of 21, he has been active in the start-up industry and deeply enjoys interacting and supporting fellow budding entrepreneurs in their challenging entrepreneurship journey ahead, thereby pioneering the NES Startup Relations Division. During his free time, he indulges in personal development and finance materials to constantly upgrade himself. 

jing An

Vice President, Startup Relations Division

Matthew sees himself as an entrepreneur, coder and hustler. With his passion for novel technologies and prior overseas experience, he leads the global team to promote entrepreneurship amongst students in the region. During his free time, Matthew spends his time programming & traveling. Matthew is currently studying Computer Engineering with a Second Major in Innovation & Design.


Vice President, Global Division

Kamalesh is passionate about performance improvement and corporate transformations. With a particular interest in restructuring and turnarounds, the Year 2 Accountancy student helms the newest division in NES, the Research Division. In his free time, he trawls the internet for conspiracy theories and enthuses over non-fiction (though not at the same time).


Vice President, Research Division