Start in startup Series

Season 2

NES Start In Startup Series aims to bring founders and industrial experts from various startup industry together for an online panel discussion, to enrich aspiring entrepreneurs in Singapore.

Episode 1:

Indonesian Startups

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Episode 2:

Risk Management For Business

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Episode 3:

Food & Beverage Industry

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Episode 4:

Starting A Startup In University

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Episode 5:

Crushing The UI/UX Game

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Episode 6:

Unlocking Startups' Hidden Value Using IP

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Episode 7:

Unearthing the Hidden Gems in NUS

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Episode 8:

Pushing the Frontiers of Education Technology

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Episode 9:

The Growth and Influence of the US Startup Ecosystem

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Episode 10:

The Ins and Outs of HR Tech

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Episode 11:

Breaking into the Fintech Space

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