Spark Tank 2019

Spark Tank Outreach Booklet.png

The Spark Tank is an annual event, organised by the NUS Entrepreneurship Society (NES), to promote entrepreneurship within the wider community. Within the Singaporean youth community, there has been a growing interest in entrepreneurship and there are many growing enterprises seeking resources for their endeavors. Spark Tank aims to be the bridge for early stage startups to seek funding, as well as providing youth on what it means to embark on establishing their own start-up.

What's in it for you?
- Listen to top startups pitching to Venture Capitalist and Startup mentors
- Interact and network with Venture Capitalists and Startups
- Enjoy Gallery walk to understand more on the startup products
- Gain a chance to obtain an internship with these companies
- Dinner provided

DATE: 22 JUNE 2019

TIME: 5.30 PM

VENUE: utown auditorium 1