Spark Tank X'19

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21 December 2019

This year the energy and excitement of aspiring entrepreneurs in the annual Spark Tank X organized by NUS Entrepreneurship Society (NES) went beyond our expectations. The top 5 finalist teams got an opportunity to pitch their business ideas to investors and business professionals, with the winning team walking away with a $1500 cash prize! The top 5 teams were also awarded with $5000 Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits to kickstart their business ideas!

Each and every one of the qualified startup teams who signed up were also guaranteed 1-to-1 mentorship opportunity with startup professionals made up of founders and VCs through our special Mentorthon segment. They received invaluable feedback and validation for their early stage start-up ideas to accelerate their success. Selected teams were also entitled to their very own booth to connect with others interested in their startups.

Aside from the winners, the attentive audience was able to experience first-hand and learn from the intense pitching of the latest up-and-rising early stage startup ideas by student entrepreneurs from universities across Singapore.

We interviewed three inspiring participants to share their experience. Shaun Wong (Co-founder of Hustle+), Tan Pinxi (Co-founder of ShareShip), and Daryl Lim (First place in the pitching competition and Co-founder of Augmentus).

Participants’ experience

A very good spend of a Saturday evening :)

- Shaun Wong, Co-founder of Hustle+

What did you pitch for Sparktank?

My team didn't pitch! But I came with my start-up idea called Hustle+ that was in the pilot phase. We are a tech start-up that aims to better prepare students for the industry through connecting them to micro-projects and jobs with companies.

Did you learn anything from the experience?

Yes definitely! The first was an influx of brilliant ideas from just talking to all the other start-up founders that were there that day. The mentors also gave very insightful and valuable advice that was relevant to their industries.

What in this event was most valuable to you/your start-up?

The most valuable portion would be the Mentorthon. The connection that sparktank provided was invaluable and since then my start-up still maintains the contact to these mentors. We are very excited for the future.

“One of the most meaningful and insightful evenings I have ever had.” - Tan Pinxi, Co-founder of Shareship

What did you pitch for Sparktank?

ShareShip, a platform which allows online shoppers to group orders together and enjoy free shipping fees.

Did you learn anything from the experience?

I learnt about the startup journey from the perspective of a VC who has seen startups succeed and fail in a variety of industries.

What in this event was most valuable to you/your start-up?

The chance to share about my startup with VCs and seasoned entrepreneurs, gain invaluable feedback, and learn from their experiences.

“Spark Tank was filled with the excitement and thrill of startups while remaining grounded in mentorships and judgings. Every startup should join Spark Tank!” - Daryl Lim, Co-founder of Augmentus

What did you pitch for Sparktank?

I pitched Augmentus! Augmentus is a robotics technology startup I founded with a few brilliant individuals a couple of months back. Coming from a tech background, we personally experienced the high cost and inflexibility of current robotic automation solutions. Hence, we saw a key pain point that needed to be solved. Augmentus solves this very pain point by providing a powerful yet easy-to-use robotic programming solution that drastically reduces the cost to automate while increasing the flexibility of robotics systems.

What in this event was most valuable to you/your start-up?

The takeaways from Spark Tank were invaluable. Not only were we given the opportunity to pitch to 6 distinguished judges but we were also provided curated mentorships. Personally, the mentorship session left the biggest impact. Giving 30 minutes of undivided attention to Augmentus with industry experts allowed me to dive deep into what needs to be done in order to further hack my growth. This is something we need more of!

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