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NES Startup Bootcamp

Updated: Feb 20

Just last month, on the12th and 13th September, we conducted our very first NES Startup Bootcamp for our members, and it was a hell of a weekend!

We started off the weekend with 2 highly insightful masterclasses. The first masterclass on the topic of "Corporate vs Startup" was given by our gracious speakers Gigi Tan, Alexander Kho, Ryan Lou, Neil Yang, and Alex Teo.

The top 3 key takeaways which our members have learned from Masterclass 1 are:

1. When choosing between a corporate or startup, we should look at it how we learn best. Do we thrive in a free-form environment or a structured environment?

2. Look beyond just the startup and corporate, look at their people and their culture. Does it align with what you are looking for.

3. Networking is KEY!

For our second masterclass: “Inside the Minds of VCs”, we invited successful venture capitalists: Zong Si Xia, Eddy Lee and Christina Teo.

The top 2 key takeaways which our members have learned from Masterclass 2 are:

1. To be engaged in different facets of business to get a more holistic view of your product which allows you to view things from different angles.

2. To communicate your ideas across well!

We then had a session of a ‘Human Library’ where our participants were given a chance to talk to corporate professionals, startup founders and venture capitalists. We would like to thank Kelly Choo, Jeffrey Paine, Ryan Chong, Ryan Lou, Shawn Seet and Carter Tan for participating in this session with us!

During our second day, we invited successful startup owner Sherjan Hussainie for giving our participants a highly motivational speech. The rest of the day was spent by our participants working on their start-up idea for our startathon, and at the end of the day, they pitched their ideas to our startup Sharks: Nigel Cheong, Felix Tan and Pin Zhang.

Congratulations to the teams Unwanted, Werkzout, Amigo and Counselling2Go for winning! Also a huge round of applause to teams Give2Win, Orion Capital for their efforts!

Overall, it was a very productive weekend for our participants, some of whom came up with great business ideas and we can’t wait to see what they do in the future. Finally, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all our speakers who contributed greatly to the success of our event. We are looking forward to conducting many more successful events in the future!

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