Q1. Is this an NUS module?

Yes, it is! It is a 4 MC programme held over 2 semesters.  This means that each semester is worth 2 MCs. Students are not required to take the module, and they can apply as long as they meet the pre-requisite stated in question 6.

Q2. Is this module pass fail?

YES! It is pass fail! You can focus on developing your passions without worries about it affecting your grades.

Q3. Which days are the lessons held on?

We have a total of 7 lessons held over the second semester and one final presentation. They are on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. More details can be found in section 3.0 within the phase 2 course outline here. 

Q4. How will this module be graded?

Attendance - 20%, Negotiation Assessment - 25%, Communal Learning - 20%, Final presentation, Business Proposal and Pitch Deck - 35%

Q5. When is the application closing?

Applications close by 31/12/19. Sign up here :)

Q6. What are the criteria for being selected for this module?

Students with ideas that passed phase 1:

  • No Pre-requisites


Students that were not part of phase 1 are to submit the following for review:

  • A startup business proposal that is past Ideation and Validation stage (Compulsory)

  • 10 Slide Pitch Deck (Compulsory)

  • 1-3 minute long pitch video for evaluation (Good to have)

  • Minimum Viable Product (Good to have)

Please note that Medicine, Law and Yale-NUS students cannot apply for this module.

Q7. Do we apply in teams or individually?

You will have to apply in groups. Please submit the documents required as mentioned in question 6 as a group.

Q8. What if I have to overload to take this module?

Only students that have modules of 20MCs or less can apply for our module. Students with 22MCs or more can only apply if they have gotten approval from their relevant faculties.


For any other questions, feel free to contact Weng Yek at! :)



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