our Divisions





Startup Development Division is the frontline ambassadors of entrepreneurship in NUS. 


​Through the organisation of flagship events like Ground Zero and The Social Oven, Startup Development provides tertiary students with opportunities to explore the startup ecosystem and kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.


Startup Global


Startup Global Division aims to promote entrepreneurship in Singapore and across the region.

Through Startup Global's flagship event - UNICON attended by more than 500 participants in 2019, we aim to make the craziest & biggest student run tech-entrepreneurship event in Asia uniting founders, industry experts, venture capitalists & students.




StartupX is a division that is part of the Events Arm of NES which aims to motivate the student start-up scene.


Through reaching out and engaging the network of NES Alumni and NUS Entrepreneur’s Village (NEV), the StartupX Division aims to foster long term international partnerships by creating event collaborations which can aid student founders in taking further steps in their entrepreneurship endeavours.


Entrepreneurial Education


The Entrepreneurial Education Division aims to add value to the NUS student entrepreneurship community by educating the important skills, knowledge and connections required in starting a new business.

Its flagship programme is the first-of-its-kind, school-credited, student-run module on entrepreneurship, NES START, in collaboration with NUS Business School and NUS Enterprise.





Entrepreneurial Research Division aims to promote entrepreneurship in Singapore through highly curated research reports. 

Through the entrepreneur report, Entrepreneurial Research Division aims to bridge the tremendous asymmetry prevalent between would-be entrepreneurs and up-and-coming industries. 






Through creating entrepreneurial content, Educational Content Creation Division aims to create educational media for aspiring entrepreneurs and facilitate collation of the events.




Through their various cohesion events, Core Division aims to connect NES members and bring members together as a whole community.


Marketing & Communications


Marketing and Communications division ​handles social media channels of NES (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram). 

Through working with potential collaborative partners, Marketing & Communications aims to reach out to the wider audience.




At NES Partnerships we prize relationships over all else. We seek to establish quality relationships with partners, mentors, sponsors, startups and more to help foster the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Our division is the source of the lifeblood that sustains the startups that go through NES as we continuously form connections with mentors, industry experts, sponsors, partner organisations and incubators. We also outreach to global startups to understand their respective ecosystems and how to enter them.