Startup Development members are the frontline ambassadors of entrepreneurship in NUS. 

Through the organisation of flagship events like Ground Zero and account management, Startup Development provides NUS startups with opportunities for talent matching, networking and funding. 


Startup expansion


Startup Expansion Division aims to promote entrepreneurship in Singapore and across the region.

Through Startup Expansion's flagship event - UNICON attended by more than 500 participants in 2019, we aim to make the craziest & biggest student run tech-entrepreneurship event in Asia uniting founders, industry experts, venture capitalists & students.





NES Startup Relations Division aims to bridge and build a community of industry mentors and partnerships to benefit the NUS student entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

Through reaching out and engaging the network of NES Alumni and NUS Entrepreneur's Village (NEV), we aim to foster long term partnerships and develop as a resource support (mentors, judges, speakers, investors etc) for NES events like our own flagship pitching competition Sparktank.




Research Division aims to promote entrepreneurship in Singapore through highly curated research reports. 

Through the entrepreneur report, Research Division aims to bridge the tremendous asymmetry prevalent between would-be entrepreneurs and 
up-and-coming industries.





Core division supports NES members in furthering their entrepreneurial journeys.


Through their flagship module, Core aims to equip members with valuable skills and contacts, and help them turn their ideas into reality.


Marketing & Communication


Handles social media channels of NES (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram). We also work with potential collaborative partners and manage posting of their events on our social media channels to reach out to the wider audience.




Reach out to potential partners for sponsorships and events, and collaborate with corporates to launch events such as hackathon and pitching competition.


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