Our 30th EXCO

ling ling


As someone driven and diligent, Ling Ling has always taken pride in her work and seek ways to improve herself. In one year of exposure to the startup ecosystem, she has acquired good knowledge of the ecosystem and saw the importance of supporting this ecosystem. She has since also interned at a startup and Angel firm to further her knowledge. This year, she is also determined to forge stronger ties with external partners to bring NES to greater heights. Ling Ling is currently a Year 2 reading Business Administration.
Kevin is a hustler who has been passionate about tech startups and their potential to revolutionize the way we live. He strongly believes that good cohesion within the community is essential for nurturing future entrepreneurs. For that reason, as the secretary, he really hopes to ensure that all members can make their NES journey a wonderful experience as well as to keep the friendly atmosphere within the community. Kevin is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Data Science & Analytics.



Sarupraba is an ambitious and forward-thinking individual who believes that innovative enterprises are the future. Through interning at various start-ups in the technological and medical fields, she learnt the value of bringing people with different skills and backgrounds together in a collaborative setting. As the Treasurer, Sarupraba hopes to manage the finances of NES diligently and provide a stress-free environment that allows the different divisions to have a productive and enjoyable journey exploring the unique possibilities and ventures through NES. Sarupraba is currently studying Biomedical Engineering with a second major in Innovation and Design.



Archangel believes that the heart of every breakthrough innovation is the people behind it - their resilience, grit, patience, and intelligence, to name a few. Thus, her personal philosophy revolves around working with people to nurture personal growth and develop talent. She founded Ingat Indonesia, an early-stage non-profit organization that seeks to cultivate a culture of volunteerism and encourage volunteerism as an avenue for self-development amongst Indonesian youth. Archangel is currently studying Communications and New Media, with a second major in Political Science.


Vice President, Startup Dev Division

Ashraf is highly passionate about growing the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Singapore and around the region. Having worked with various deep tech startups, he is truly awed by the potential of countless up-and-coming technology and wishes to bridge the connection between the industry and students from tertiary institutions. As such, Ashraf leads the Startup Global Division to promote entrepreneurship locally and across the region. Ashraf is currently studying Computer Engineering.


Vice President, Startup Global Division

Chermane has always been passionate in the tech startup scene and the endless possibilities within it. She strongly believes that startups play a significant role in today’s world and is truly amazed by the countless innovations that have helped improve our lives by leaps and bounds.
In Startup X, she hopes to be able to provide the necessary help and support to aspiring budding entrepreneurs through the events that the division organizes. Chermane is currently majoring in Data Science and Analytics.


Vice President, Startup X Division

Annora is a passionate and driven individual who is actively involved in the Entrepreneurial and Community Engagement Scene. Having interned at multiple startups, she is determined to spread the entrepreneurial spirit and commit to a high level of marketing to develop our ecosystem. This year, Annora aims to lead the Marketing and Communications Division to greater heights, establishing NES’ presence in both corporate and educational scenes. Annora is currently a Year 3 Business Student specialising in Marketing.


Vice President, Marketing & Communication Division

A curious and avid learner, Dakshitaa has a never ending thirst for knowledge. To her, NES has been an enriching platform that brings well known speakers from an array of industries to share industry insights that she leverages on, as she dives into entrepreneurial research. In the new academic year, Dakshitaa hopes to spearhead a new structure and scope for the research division, including more technical and tailored reports that will add value immensely to the readers. Dakshitaa is currently a Year 3 Business Analytics student specialising in Financial Analytics.


Vice President, Entrepreneurial Research Division

Swaraa is a passionate and heavily creative being. She believes in the power of content and that it can change the world with its global reach and universal nature. Through NES, she hopes to create insightful and thought provoking content that helps to incentivize the ideation of entrepreneurial ventures and understand the behind-the-scenes of startups. After working with multiple gaming and finance startups, she hopes to use her knowledge to help NES’ content creation vertical flourish. Swaraa is currently pursuing a honours degree in Business Administration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Marketing.


Vice President, Educational Content Creation Division

Yanxun strongly believes that entrepreneurship can add value to people and improve their quality of life. She knows the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset, which would help individuals propel forward and reach their ultimate goals in life. With an inquiring mind, she joined NES. Through NES, she hopes that interested individuals will have a chance to learn more about entrepreneurship and aspiring entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to network and receive guidance from experienced mentors from start-ups. Yanxun is currently majoring in Statistics, with a second major in Economics.


Vice President, Entrepreneurial Education Division

Justin loves collaborating with people and finds immense value in building a network and forming meaningful relationships. With a deep-seated interest in the startup ecosystem and experience in liaising, he seeks to establish a firm foundation of a vibrant community in the entrepreneurial space. In the upcoming year, he aims to establish significant long-lasting ties with partners and connect the external and internal scenes of NES. Justin is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Marketing.


Vice President, Partnerships Division