Our 29th EXCO



Hailing from an entrepreneurial family, Nigel knows the special joy that a successful business can bring. He is always trying to grow and support fellow entrepreneurs. Uniquely, he is both risk-loving and risk adverse, always trying out new ideas and breaking new frontiers of innovation in safe ways, and encouraging others to do the same. Nigel is currently pursuing a double degree in Law and Business.
Pinxi has always been passionate about tech and design. As a software engineer, he has a keen interest in deep tech startups and appreciates it when people don't blindly throw machine learning into every problem. During his time in Startup Development, he hopes everyone has a fun and meaningful experience while learning about the startup scene. Pinxi is currently studying Computer Science.


Vice President, Startup Development Division

One who wears the crown bears the crown, despite how heavy the crown is, Joey will continue to serve with pride and dedication. Joey is passionate about youth empowerment and connecting with different individuals. With her experience in the venture capital scene, Joey leads the Startup Global Division to promote entrepreneurship across the region. Joey is currently majoring in Economics.


Vice President, Startup Global Division

Wenqi has always been passionate about cross-border connections and international relations. Working as a Business Analyst and Business Developer, she looks forward to helping start-ups expand their markets abroad in the future. Wenqi hopes to lead the StartupX Division to greater heights with global collaborations. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Business Administration.


Vice President, StartupX Division

Weng Yek strongly believes that entrepreneurship can create value, improve lives and make the world a better place. Volunteering at Junior Achievement Singapore showed him that entrepreneurship education is important for youths. Through NES, he hopes to successfully educate the next generation of entrepreneurs. Apart from entrepreneurship, Weng Yek is also an aspiring business consultant and enjoys analysing various industries and developing business solutions. He is currently reading Business at NUS, and is in the University Scholars Programme.

weng yek

Vice President, Entrepreneurial Education Division

Daniel is passionate about the startup and consulting scene. He aims to create value and generate synergy for businesses through a balance of strategy implementation complemented with robust financial analysis. Daniel is currently majoring in Business, specialising in finance. His favourite quote is “We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realise we only have one”


Vice President, Entrepreneurial Research Division

Chris is passionate about the startup scene as well as giving a helping hand to those in need. Through BantuYuk! foundation, he hopes to provide children in poverty with healthcare and education, as well as contributing to disaster relief efforts around Indonesia. He strongly believes that if everyone lends a helping hand to help one another, we are capable of creating a better and brighter place. Chris is currently majoring in Business.


Vice President, Educational Content Creation Division

A fearless hustler who has always relished the opportunities to explore new boundaries, Rishi is a huge enthusiast & advocate of entrepreneurship. He has always been intrigued by the intersection of technology & business in solving modern-world day problems and has been actively pursuing opportunities within the startup scene to broaden his technical skillset & fulfill his goals in the entrepreneurial scene. As a rising year 2 undergraduate, Rishi is currently majoring in Computer Science, and likes to program & travel in his free time.


Vice President, Core Division

Arindam is an energetic and highly motivated individual who is supremely passionate about tech startups and their potential to revolutionize the tech industry. He is someone who recognizes and values the power of marketing and firmly believes in the quote “Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.”–Michael Hyatt.Arindam is pursuing his undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering.


Vice President, Marketing & Communications Division

Ryan is a passionate trail-blazer that believes in forging his own path in entrepreneurship and bringing others with him to success. He strongly believes that a network is a paramount factor for any aspiring entrepreneur and is happy to connect others. Some say that instead of business activities, his side hustle is actually his Business Administration Degree.


Vice President, Partnerships Division